Monday, June 27, 2011

Halloween Haunt Application Expectations

So, if you want to know what to expect as a Newbie when you apply for Knott's Scary Farm, here is some information first hand from me and some old-timers. Generally speaking, the first day of hiring would be the first or second Monday of August. That would mean the 1st or 8th of August for 2011. You can always call Knott's and confirm the date. Let's start from the beginning, assuming you've never applied for Haunt. Before you go, make sure you bring your Social Security Card and Government Issued Identification, and remember that you are still going to an interview, so dress appropriately. I forgot my ID my first year and had to go home and come back.

First of all, take Beach Blvd down and through Knott's. Just as you drive under Ghost Rider, you will notice a small building on your right hand side (will likely have a "Hiring" banner.) Find parking in the main lot since it may take more than two hours for the hiring process. You will fill out a standard application which will require previous employment and typical information you find on an application. Turn this in to the office and wait until your name is called. Be aware of the hours and days that you will be required to work because they typically want talent that is available for every night of Haunt. It's a pretty simple process and almost anyone and everyone will be hired. You may also want to start thinking about which maze you want to work in. I'm sure you're thinking that you want to be a Slider in Streets, but obviously, these talented characters have been working Haunt for years and have earned their spots each and every year through auditions. In a later post, you will hear first-hand what some of these characters have gone through over the years and what they've done to develop their characters. Back to the subject; remember that if they do hire you, you will need to be fitted for wardrobe. All in all, the process will take several hours, so just prepare yourself to spend most of your day at Knott's. If you have any questions, please post them. Good Luck!!!

By the way, I prefer Knott's over Universal, especially since I have developed many friendships from that place. The best job I have ever had.

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